White Coat Whitening


What is White Coat Whitening?

White Coat is a procedure in which a dental resin-based paste is applied to the tooth surface and hardened by light irradiation to coat the tooth surface. It is also known as “dental manicure” by dentists.


Advantages of White Coat Whitening

・Whitens the color of teeth without grinding
・The treatment time is short and the effect can be felt the same day
・The cost is relatively low

Disadvantages of White Coat Whitening

・Short-term effect
・May peel off when biting or clenching the teeth


Who is White Coat Whitening recommended for?

Whitening with White Coat is most suitable for the following:

・People who are concerned about stains on the surface of their teeth
・People who want to whiten teeth that have had their nerves removed
・People who want to whiten their teeth after orthodontic treatment

Procedure of White Coat Whitening Treatment

The White Coat treatment is performed according to the following procedure.



We will explain about White Coat in detail. Please feel free to come to us with any question and concern.


Tooth cleaning

Before the White Coat is applied, the tooth surface is cleaned and polished with an abrasive. After rinsing with water to remove any abrasive residue, the tooth surface is dried.


Treatment: Application of “Primer

A special adhesive called “Primer” is applied to the teeth to hold the “White Coat” in place


Treatment: Application of “Base Coat”

The “Base Coat”, which determines the shade of the teeth, is applied to the teeth and hardened by light irradiation. For metal dentures, etc., a base coat of the desired shade is applied over the opaque base coat.


Treatment: Application of “Top Coat”

The top coat is applied on top of the base coat and hardened by light irradiation.
This completes the “White Coat” treatment.

Points to note about White Coat Whitening

Whiteness is not permanent.

As is common with other whitening treatments, the whitening effect is not permanent. The effect may vary from person to person depending on the patient’s tooth quality and the state of care, but the effect lasts approximately one to three months. When the effect wears off, “Whitecoat” can be reapplied. Since the adhesive strength is stable even after repeated use, it can be reapplied with confidence.

White Coat cannot be applied to the bite area

White Coat” creates a layer on the tooth surface like nail polish, so the thickness of the tooth will change. Therefore, it cannot be applied to areas where the bite changes.

White Coat cannot be used during orthodontic treatment with a mouthpiece such as Invisalign

White Coat” cannot be used for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment using a mouthpiece such as “Invisalign” or “Aso Aligner” because it changes the thickness of the teeth. Other whitening products, such as “Opalescence” which we offer, can be used in combination with mouthpiece orthodontic treatments. Toranomon Hills Dental & Medical Ryu Clinic specializes in this area, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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