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Our goal is to prolong the life of our patients' teeth, help them maintain oral health and improve their daily lives.
We have a lot of experience in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, so why don't you join us to develop your skills and help protect the oral health of our patients?


Job Descriptions



Characteristics of our clinic and Employment Background


We provide the best treatment for every patient, both insured and self-pay, and receive many new patients every month. Many of our patients request advanced self-pay treatments through word of mouth or referrals, and the number of patients under our care continues to grow.
Why don't you join our modern environment and friendly staff to bring smiles to our patients?


Some patients come to our clinic from far away by plane or bullet train after reading about our clinic on TV or in magazines. Since the image of a dental clinic can be perceived as "painful and scary", we believe it is important to be close to our patients and treat them gently. For this reason, we also pay attention to our staff so that patients can feel comfortable and we can work in a relaxed atmosphere.

清潔感のある受付カウンターと待合室 歯科の診療室 採光良好の待合室 医療機械と設備完備 清潔感のある受付カウンターと待合室 歯科の診療室 採光良好の待合室 医療機械と設備完備

Our clinic values the individuality and uniqueness of each person. Even our director is unique! We allow all kinds of clothing, hairstyles and colors, nail art, etc., as long as it does not interfere with work! We welcome those who are sensitive to the latest information on beauty and fashion. The clinic has many female staff and a cheerful atmosphere with constant laughter. Some staff members have taken maternity leave, making it a comfortable working environment for women.

We look forward
to meeting you all.

We look forward to meeting all interested dentists and dental hygienists. Please bring your resume and copies of your dental licenses and certifications to the interview and visit. We hope to discuss and refine our mutual hopes and requirements during the interview. We encourage you to show us what you can do and contribute to our patients' smiles and the clinic environment.

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Job Descriptions



We offer all dental services. Especially in Invisalign, for which we have received numerous media recommendations, and whitening (Opal Essence Boost) we have extensive experience. We are equipped with the latest equipment, including three laser models and a massage Felice.

We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere of our office and the good rapport we have with each other. We also have a good record of maternity and paternity leave.


Dental Hygenist

We are proud of our friendly staff, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s. New staff members adapt quickly to the clinic and can work comfortably while improving their skills with state-of-the-art equipment.

We have many patients who come from near and far, including models, people in the entertainment industry, manga artists, and sumo wrestlers. Please be kind to them!

Employee Interview


Dental hygienists(1st Year)

This is a place where you can use your skills to protect the oral health of your patients!

The most rewarding part of being a dental hygienist is restoring my patient's oral health and putting a smile on their face. It is very rewarding to hear a patient say, "I will definitely be coming back for regular check-ups" after treatment. I want to continue to support my patients' oral health and help them smile.

A typical day at Ryu Clinic


Our clinic opens at 10:00 in the morning but we arrive at work about 30 earlier. We start by preparing the necessary equipment for the day.

10:00Clinic Open

Our office is by appointment only, so you will see your own patients. As a dental hygienist, you will perform dental cleanings and regular check-ups. The length of the examination varies from patient to patient, but is usually between 30 and 45 minutes. If you do not have an appointment, you will assist the dentist.

13:00Lunch Break

I have lunch in the Toranomon Hills area, where there are many interesting restaurants. I usually go there with my colleagues to refresh myself.


Like the morning session, the afternoon session is by appointment only. Many elderly patients come to the hospital in the morning, but in the afternoon there are more children and patients returning from work. In addition to providing medical care, you will also be responsible for receiving and checking the equipment and medicines that are delivered at a set time each week.


When your treatment is over and you have cleaned up, you can prepare to go home. Even if a treatment takes longer than expected, you can usually finish by 18:30. There is no work to take home, so you can immediately switch your mind to private mode.

Dental hygienistsの社員を

Dental hygienistsの募集要項

Benefits Package

We provide an environment where both work and personal life can be fulfilled.

Education and Training System

Internal training program, subsidies for participation in external training (vacation), subsidies for participation in external training (expenses), qualification support system (The Chairman of the Board is a clinical associate professor at a university hospital!)

A workplace where women thrive

Female physicians are welcome. The average age of our staff is young and we pride ourselves on our friendly working environment. We also have an excellent maternity and paternity leave policy.

Free choice of fashion

We value the individuality of our employees. We are open to all styles of clothing, hairstyles and colors, nail art, etc. as long as it does not interfere with work. We welcome those who are sensitive to the latest information on beauty and fashion.

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