Clinic Introduction


Comprehensive health care from both a dental and medical perspective

In the dental clinic, we offer a wide range of services, including general dentistry as well as dental implants and orthodontics. In the medical department, we focus on preventive medicine for lifestyle-related diseases in addition to general internal medicine.

In both areas, we have introduced the latest equipment and technologies to provide high quality medical care. We strive to provide attentive medical care that meets the needs of each individual patient.

English Consultation
-Doctor Ryu is
fluent in English
If you are a foreigner with dental problems, please visit the Ryu Clinic. We provide services in English.

Clinic introduction

A clinic where you feel welcome and at ease

At Ryu Clinic, we pay special attention to creating a space that eliminates the oppressive feeling that often characterizes medical facilities. The colorful interior and large windows create a bright, open atmosphere that welcomes and relaxes our patients.

In addition, we strive to introduce the latest equipment and technology such as CT and other advanced examination equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis, so that our patients can receive treatment with a sense of security and peace of mind.


Forget the hustle and bustle of the city while waiting

The large windows offer a beautiful view of trees that make it hard to believe that you are still in the city, while the colorful interior decor and hand-selected artwork brighten up the mood and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The waiting room is furthermore equipped with magazines, comic books, and a television for your comfort and relaxation.


Dental examination rooms designed for patient comfort and ease-of-mind

To reduce patient anxiety, all rooms are designed with large windows and plenty of natural light. High ceilings and colorful partitions also contribute to a comfortable atmosphere.

The partitions between each unit ensure that patients can be treated in an open and bright exam room while maintaining their privacy.


Fully equipped operating rooms

We are equipped with private operating rooms to perform procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions and dental implants in a clean environment. The operating rooms are always thoroughly cleaned and purified with medical air purifiers to minimize the risk of infection.

Our clinic provides a complete environment for patients to receive treatment in a safe and secure environment.

Christmas trees and other seasonal interiors

Seasonal decor to make your visit enjoyable

We have decorated the dental office to give a sense of the season and to make patients feel that the dentist is fun! We try to create seasonal decorations so that people who think the dentist is scary, painful, or annoying can feel comfortable coming to the dentist, like they would to a beauty salon when they are not in pain.

Director's special dragon painting

The Director's special "Dragon Painting"

The director of Ryu Clinic collects dragon paintings after his name. How many dragons do you think are in the clinic now? *g* Some of them are paintings by famous artists. Which one is your favorite? If you need an explanation, please talk to the chairman!

清潔感のある受付カウンターと待合室 歯科の診療室 採光良好の待合室 医療機械と設備完備 清潔感のある受付カウンターと待合室 歯科の診療室 採光良好の待合室 医療機械と設備完備

Dental Facilities & Equipment


Introducing carefully selected medical devices with safety as a top priority

To achieve more advanced treatment, we have introduced advanced medical equipment such as a dental CT scanner and a hand-piece sterilization system. In this way, we can combine the excellent treatment techniques of our doctors with the advantages of the most advanced medical equipment to support patient treatment more effectively and further minimize the burden on the patient.

Electric anesthesia machine

Electric Anesthesia Machine
(covered by insurance)

Injects the chemical solution at a constant pressure and speed, resulting in less pain. We use thinner needles than usual, which allows us to inject anesthesia with less pain. In addition, we always use surface anesthesia when administering anesthesia, which allows us to provide a more stress-free treatment.

Oil sterilizer

Oil Sterilizer
(covered by insurance)

In a dental practice, there is a risk of horizontal infection (caused by the use of instruments) between patients. Although this is not a common occurrence, we frequently sterilize our instruments as a standard precaution.
(※ Standard precautions is the standardization of prevention by treating all patients as if they have infections, therefore wearing masks, frequent hand washing and gargling, etc.).

CO2 laser

CO2 Laser
(partially covered by insurance)

This laser is used primarily on soft tissue (gums). It is used when surgical procedures are required, such as treatment of stomatitis, hemostasis, and gum incisions. While it is primarily used for mouth ulcers, this laser can also be used to remove pigmentation from the gums.

Er:YAG Laser

Er:YAG Laser
(partially covered by insurance)

This laser is used primarily on hard tissues (teeth and bones) and gums. It uses purified water (clean water) and uses the reaction between the water and the laser to perform its therapeutic function. It is used for polishing teeth, cleaning gums and making incisions. This laser is used in conjunction with a cleaning treatment for gum disease and gingivitis that does not heal well.

nd:YAG laser

Nd:Yag Laser

This laser is mainly used for hard and soft tissues (gums). It is used when sterilization or gum incision and sterilization are required. It can generate heat of 1500 degrees Celsius instantaneously and thus has a strong sterilizing effect. It can be used to treat deep cavities and hard-to-heal periodontal disease. It is also effective in removing gum pigmentation and sensitivity.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera
(covered by insurance)

Used to take pictures of the oral cavity for comparison with previous conditions and when explanations are needed to the patient. The images are taken digitally and managed digitally together with the x-rays.

3D CT X-ray

3D CT X-ray
(covered by insurance)

When performing operations such as wisdom tooth extraction and root canal treatment, the 3D CT-X-ray allows to get more information than with conventional X-rays and therefore allow for more accurate diagnoses. It is for example possible to see the relationship between the tooth and the nerve, and by cross-sectioning the tooth, it is possible to more accurately diagnose the shape of the inside of the tooth and the condition of the bone.


(covered by insurance)

It shows its power when you need to check the detailed condition of the inside of the teeth. It is powerful when performing complex root canal treatment. Designed for dental use to allow use in confined areas of the mouth.

CAD/CAM dental camera

Dental Camera

This camera can be used to take pictures that can be used in the laboratory to create heads and fillings.