Ryu Director’s Introduction

虎ノ門ヒルズ龍クリニック歯科・医科の理事長 龍信之助

Chief Director, Dentist

Shinnosuke Ryu

Eliminating pain and fear to make dental visits more enjoyable

Our staff strives for reversible treatment, restoring teeth to their original condition as much as possible. Moreover, we believe above all that improving a patient’s knowledge of things such as tooth decay and periodontitis is key to the best treatment. We work on the theory that we need to keep in mind not only tooth and gum disease, but also the entire body. For this purpose, we provide treatment in cooperation with numerous medical facilities.

Oral diseases, especially periodontal diseases, are chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes, and the best treatment for these diseases is regular preventive care. We strive to crate an environment that is accommodating to our patients.

We have the equipment and the desire to see your treatment through to the end. Therefore, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. We want to change the image of a dental office from painful and scary to one where patients are comfortable and happy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

  • Nihon University College of Law, Bachelor of Laws

  • Nihon University School of Dentistry, Bachelor of Dentistry

  • Completed training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine

  • Graduate School of Anesthesiology, Keio University School of Medicine

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, RMDCC

  • Former Associate Clinical Professor at Kanagawa Dental College

  • Assoalign Supervisor

  • Invisalign Certificate
    Platinum Elite Doctor

  • invisalign
    (Japan Invisalign Orthodontic Certification)

  • Platinum Elite Doctor Incognito

  • SomnoDent

  • Zive Implant System

  • Nobel Biocare Implant System

  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine

  • Certified Medical Diet Practitioner
    (NPO Japan Medical Diet Support Organization)

  • Hyaluronic Acid & Botulinum toxin Injection Technique (Dr. Hiroko Sasabuchi, Terna Japan Co.Ltd.)

  • ANKYLOS implant system (Densply Friadent)

  • Clear Aligner Course (Aso International)

  • Advanced Orthodontic Course (UCLA School of Dentistry Section of Orthodontics)

  • Sleep Medicine Technology Course (Sleep Respiratory Academy Japan)

  • Keio University Hospital
    Cooperating Medical Institutions

  • Toranomon Hospital
    Physician Network

  • Nihon University Dental Hospital
    Cooperating Medical Institutions

  • SCADA-Japan Member

  • ADA (American Dental Association) Member

  • ADSM (Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine) Member

  • CWS (CHURCH WORLD SERVICE) Director/Ambassador

  • Judge for Miss Universe Saitama (2013, 2017)

  • Advisor to the Japan Table Tennis Association for the Physically Challenged

  • Cannes Lions 2019 "Para Table Tennis Table" Winner in Design Category

  • Movie "Memories" accepted at JPT Los Angeles 2019

  • invisalign LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT (Align Technology, Inc. 2022)

  • ナーシングケア徹底ガイド「口腔ケアQ &A」
    (Thorough Guide on Nursing Care 「Oral Care Q & A」)

  • 「気管切開を受けている患者さんの口腔ケア」
    (Oral care for patients with tracheostomy)

  • 「歯磨剤の種類、目的と意義」
    (Types of toothpaste, their purpose and importance)

  • 「電動歯ブラシの特徴と注意点」
    (Electric toothbrush features and considerations)

  • 「洗口剤について」
    (About mouthwash)

  • 若返りあごトレ
    (Rejuvenation Chin Training)

Doctor and Staff Introduction

At Toranomon Hills Ryu Dental Clinic, we are committed to keeping our patients' oral health clean and healthy and their smiles radiant. We offer state-of-the-art treatments such as Invisalign orthodontics and dental implants, and have been featured in many media outlets. Our dentists, dental hygienists and front desk staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields, and we pledge to do our best for our patients.

Yuji Igarashi

A super skilled and dedicated craftsman-like dentist who always strives for the best possible situation and the most successful treatment. That's why he can get frustrated sometimes. However, don't be afraid, because it's not in relation to patients, but aimed at the teeth *g*. When that happens, please talk to him gently!

Rie Matsunaga

She is a professional receptionist. She is the kindest and gentlest of all the staff. She cries easily because of her kindness, so please be gentle with her.

Rie Uchiyama

Super qualified and very experienced dental hygienist. There is no periodontal disease she can't cure! At least maybe? She is interesting to talk to, so feel free to chat with her. She is a cheerful, nice girl who is more of a damsel than she looks. She gets super mad if you don't brush your teeth properly, but she does it out of consideration, so please understand.

Natsuki Kodama

Our hygienist idol, but unfortunately she is married! Too bad! A certain celebrity patient was astonished to hear this fact! She is a very serious girl who pays attention to details. You can tell when you talk to her. By the way, she is good at talking about music and anime, so please feel free to talk to her.

Mysterious Giant!

The bodyguard of the clinic. Don't you think we need one these days? *g* He speaks Japanese, English and Khmer! Can you guess what language this is? We have a lot of foreign patients, so many of our staff speak English, including the chairman of the board of directors. But there is probably only one person in the world who is half Ghanaian and half Japanese who speaks Khmer!

Duffy Family

A family of bears has lived at the clinic since we started RMDCC 20 years ago. Sometimes they wear very unusual costumes! Count how many bears there are! Even the staff does not know!