Teeth Whitening


In the West, the value of white teeth is very high. White teeth are considered a good way to promote an image of success and cleanliness. Our idea of teeth whitening is to change your whole image through teeth whitening. A model who had whitening done at our clinic was able to get an exclusive modeling contract with a famous brand at an audition right after the whitening. Many of our clients come to us for teeth whitening before their wedding. They want to be photographed with white teeth for an event that will last a lifetime. We are honored to be able to help with this as well.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method of brightening the color of teeth by removing stains from the surface of the teeth. Tooth stains are caused by food and beverage pigments, cigarette smoke, and acids produced by gum disease bacteria. Teeth whitening removes these staining substances to whiten the teeth.

Teeth whitening is recommended for such people


People who are often in public

Celebrities and models are also often treated with teeth whitening.

People who want a youthful and beautiful mouth

The mouth is a key point of beauty. Why don’t you enjoy life with white teeth?

People who like coffee and red wine

Dark drinks and foods tend to cause pigment to stick to the teeth.

People who are worried about yellowing of teeth

“I can’t smile as much as I want to because the yellowing of my teeth would be noticeable…”. This problem can be solved.

People who want to make a good business impression

Clean and white teeth make a good impression on people and boost your self-confidence.

People who smoke and are concerned about cigarette stains

Nicotine and tar in cigarettes will stain your teeth to a brownish color.

Types of teeth whitening

There are two main types of teeth whitening: 「In-Office Whitening」and「Home Whitening

In-Office Whitening (Professional Whitening)

In-office whitening is a whitening procedure performed by a dentist. The dentist applies a chemical agent to the surface of the teeth and shines a special light on it. The light causes the agent to penetrate the teeth and break down the discolored material. The advantage of in-office whitening is that only one treatment is needed to achieve the desired results.

Home Whitening

Home whitening is a whitening procedure performed at home. The dentist prescribes a special bleaching agent and a mouthpiece, and the patient wears the mouthpiece with the agent applied for about 20 minutes each day at home. Home whitening takes longer to show results than in-office whitening, but has advantages such as lower cost.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has the following advantages.


Pros of Teeth Whitening:

・Teeth get a whiter color
・Self-confidence is improved through smiling
・Prevents bad breath

Cons of Teeth Whitening:

・Cost is high
・May cause tooth sensitivity
・May scratch the surface of the teeth


Cautions about Tooth Whitening

Once teeth whitening has given you whiter teeth, keep them white by:

・Avoid foods and drinks that stain easily
・Brush your teeth carefully
・Have regular dental check-ups

The bottom line

Teeth whitening is a way to whiten your teeth and feel more confident about your smile. After understanding the types of whitening, advantages, disadvantages, and precautions, choose the whitening process that is right for you.
The appropriate whitening method depends on the condition of your teeth and the desired whiteness and your are more than welcome to discuss your options with us at Toranomon Hills Ryu Clinic.

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