Silver Tooth and Silver Dental Crown Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Silver teeth are artificial teeth that have been used in Japan for a long time. Many people who use silver teeth may have experienced ‘silver tooth pain’ or ‘silver tooth falling out’.
Here are some of the causes and treatments for painful silver teeth.

Causes of Painful Silver Silver Teeth

Reccurence of tooth decay: It is said that the durability of silver teeth is 3-5 years. They deteriorate due to daily life and teeth grinding, and in some cases, tooth decay occurs from a part of the tooth through a gap. If the tooth decays again, it must be treated again.

Cracks or fractures at the root of the tooth: A tooth covered with a cap has no nerve, so there is no blood supply to the tooth. Because the tooth without blood does not receive nutrients, it is not as strong as a normal tooth, and over time, cracks and fractures can occur in the root of the tooth. Chewing with cracks causes severe pain.

Periodontal disease: Even if you have pain from a silver tooth, it may be the case that you actually have an inflammation of the gums. Pain is only felt when the periodontal disease is advanced and there is a significant amount of tooth dissolution.

Residual pulpitis: Sometimes a nerve is left behind during root canal treatment. Inflammation of the remaining nerve is called residual pulpitis.

How to treat a painful silver tooth

If a silver tooth hurts, the cause of the pain must be removed. In most cases, the crown is removed and a new crown is placed after appropriate treatment.
If a silver tooth is chipped or has fallen out, we recommend that you keep it in a small container and visit your dentist, as wrapping it in tissue paper may deform it.

Treatment options for painful silver teeth (insured and uninsured)

Treatment covered by insurance when silver teeth hurt

Silver teeth: Silver teeth are strong and are said to be good for restoring back teeth. However, many people feel that they do not look good and white coverings are recommended for those who have complexes such as not wanting to open their mouth because of the presence of silver teeth or those who are concerned about metal allergies.

Composite resin (CR): A white plastic material used in dentistry that is covered by insurance and is inexpensive and looks good, but is not strong enough to be used on back teeth where a lot of force is used.
※There is a possibility that deep cavities and large cavities cannot be treated.


Image of a silver tooth


Composite resin being applied

Treatment NOT-covered by insurance when silver teeth hurt

Ceramic: Ceramic is stronger than plastic and can be used on molars without any problems. The whiteness and translucency of the material is close to that of natural teeth, and unlike silver teeth, the treatment marks are not noticeable when the mouth is open. In addition, the strong bonding of ceramic materials to the teeth means that there is a lower risk of caries recurrence than with silver teeth, and there is no risk of metal allergies.

Zirconia: This is the strongest of the ceramic materials and has excellent aesthetic qualities. Using staining technology, the natural color of the tooth can be reproduced to match the color of the patient’s teeth.

The cost ranges from 40,000 to 300,000 yen, but treatments that are not covered by insurance often have medical advantages. It is a considerable amount of money, but for many people the benefits outweigh the cost, especially when you consider that you use your teeth every day.


Ceramic image model


Zirconia image model

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