Toward a Pain-Free Dentist


At Toranomon Hills Ryu Clinic our goal is to be a pain-free dental clinic. Our clinic offers the latest anesthesia technology and superior treatment methods to strive to minimize patient anxiety as much as possible and provide pain-free treatment.

Ryu Clinic’s approach to pain

We allay patients’ fears of pain through careful counseling.
We pursue pain-free methods using state-of-the-art technology.
We provide treatment that is individualized for each patient.

Everyone has experienced pain during dental treatment. Fear of pain can lead to resistance and fear of treatment, which can prevent patients from coming to check-ups or continuing with treatment.
At our clinic, we strive to minimize pain and take a variety of steps to ensure that patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

What the Ryu Clinic does in the search for pain-free methods:

・Reduce anxiety through careful counseling
・Patient-specific suggestions on the type and amount of anesthesia
・Laser treatment and anesthesia to reduce pain
・Precise examination with microscopes
・Take patient feedback serious
・Proactively provide information about pain


First of all, we counsel each patient and explain the details of the treatment in detail. We allay patients’ fears and anxieties by explaining in detail the purpose and methods of the treatment, as well as the side effects such as pain and swelling.
We also strive to minimize pain by adjusting the type and amount of anesthesia according to the patient’s condition.

In addition, we are committed to reducing pain by using the most advanced technology available.
Aiming to be a Pain-Free Dentist, the clinic proposes anesthesia methods suitable for each patient and consults with the patient before performing the procedure.


We propose anesthesia methods suitable for each patient!

・Anesthesia of the gum (local anesthesia)
・Anesthesia by electric anesthesia machine
・Anesthesia by general anesthesia machine
・Pain-free laser treatment

Laser treatment is expected to reduce pain and swelling in treatments involving incisions and sutures. In addition, the use of a microscope allows for precise treatment and reduces pain and bleeding.

Pain is a major barrier to dental care. We strive to minimize pain and take a variety of steps to ensure that our patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
If you have any concerns or fears about dental treatment, please contact our office.

The Toranomon Hills Dental Medical Ryu Clinic offers free consultations for a variety of dental problems.
You can be sure that we will always make suggestions that are appropriate for your situation and that we will always work with you to determine the best treatment plan.
Please do not give up and consult with us first.