ZimVie Implants

What is ZimVie?

ZimVie is a medical device company offering a wide range of products in the field of dental and spinal surgery, implants and surgical instruments.
ZimVie has a long history of research and development in the field of implantology. Over the decades, the company has developed and improved its products in response to patient demands and advances in treatment technology. As a result, ZimVie products have been chosen by many dentists and patients for their high quality and reliability.
It is one of the four largest implant manufacturers in the world.

Can the treatment time be reduced with ZimVie implants?

The most important feature of ZimVie implants is that they can shorten the treatment time.
The surface of the artificial tooth root is coated with hydroxyapatite, the same substance that is the main component of teeth and bone. This coating allows for quick bonding with the jawbone and excellent stability.
This reduces the burden on the patient and allows early completion of the implant treatment.

Advantages of ZimVie implants

While there are many different manufacturers and types of implants, ZimVie implants are said to offer several advantages over other manufacturers.


ZimVie implants are characterized by their ease of attachment to the bone and their strength.

This means that a high success rate can be expected even in poor bone conditions. This means that ZimVie implants can be used in cases that are considered difficult to treat.

ZimVie is a popular manufacturer in the United States and is highly regarded internationally for its quality, reliability and technical capabilities.

ZimVie implants have been proven safe and effective in many clinical cases. With a shorter treatment time, ZimVie implants are a preferred choice.

Check the manufacturer before treatment!

Before implant treatment, discuss with your doctor which manufacturer’s product you will be using and get a detailed explanation of its features.


Using ZimVie implants for implant treatment can shorten the treatment time and also increase bonding strength with the jawbone. This implant combines excellent stability and esthetics and is recommended for those who want to reduce the burden on their body and complete the implant treatment as soon as possible. If you are considering implant treatment with ZimVie implants, please contact our office for a consultation.

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