Dental Sterilization – Medical equipment to protect your smile


Dental equipment for safe and accurate treatment.
Thorough sterilization reduces the risk of infection to zero!

The safety of our patients is our top priority, which is why we strive to ensure thorough sterilization. The clinic has introduced a sterilizer with the world’s highest level of sterilization power. Sterilizers use high-temperature, high-pressure steam to sterilize instruments, which completely kills bacteria and viruses.

In addition, a sterilization management system has been introduced to thoroughly control the sterilization process. With this system, the sterilization process is recorded and controlled to ensure the quality of sterilization.

Furthermore, after sterilization, instruments are stored in special sterilization trays which are sterilized as well. This reduces the risk of contamination of the sterilized instruments.
By focusing on thorough sterilization, the clinic creates a safe environment for patients to receive care.

Dental equipment improves the accuracy and efficiency of treatment

The clinic is equipped with the latest dental machinery. The latest dental machinery improves the precision and efficiency of treatment and reduces the burden on the patient.


For example, dental CTs can take three-dimensional images of the inside of teeth, providing an accurate picture of the condition of the teeth before treatment. This improves the accuracy of treatment and reduces patient anxiety.
The introduction of dental CTs in the clinic allows us to more accurately assess the condition of the patient’s teeth and create an optimal treatment plan.

Dental lasers can also be used to sharpen and incise teeth, reducing pain and bleeding compared to conventional treatments.
By introducing dental lasers at the clinic, we are able to reduce pain and bleeding for our patients and provide them with comfortable treatment.


In addition, the dental CAD/CAM system can shave teeth and create dental fillings based on digital data.This improves the accuracy and efficiency of treatment and reduces treatment time for patients.
Our dental CAD/CAM system reduces treatment time and waiting time for patients.

How we select our dental equipment

Sterilization power:
Sterilization of dental equipment is essential for patient safety. We have carefully selected and installed machines with high sterilization performance and safety.
Dental treatment requires precision. Dental machines that can improve the precision of treatment are installed.
Dental treatment is time consuming and expensive. We have dental equipment that can improve the efficiency of treatment.

Our commitment:

Our priority is to provide safe and highly accurate treatment for our patients, which is why we have introduced dental machines with high sterilization power, precision and efficiency. We will continue our efforts to protect the health of our patients.
We will maintain our commitment to thorough sterilization and top-of-the-line medical equipment so that our patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

The Toranomon Hills Dental Medical Ryu Clinic offers free consultations for a variety of dental problems.
You can be sure that we will always make suggestions that are appropriate for your situation and that we will always work with you to determine the best treatment plan.
Please do not give up and consult with us first.