A dentist that listens to your concerns and questions


There are many options for dental treatment, including orthodontics and dental implants, as well as treatment for cavities and gum disease. That is why it is important to tailor treatment and check-ups to the needs and wishes of each individual patient.

However, because dental treatment requires specialized knowledge and skills, there may be a gap in understanding and perception between the dentist and the patient in terms of treatment explanations and guidelines. In such cases, patients may undergo treatment with anxiety and dissatisfaction.

In order to prevent such a situation, our clinic provides careful counseling and focuses on thorough communication with our patients. We listen carefully to the patient’s wishes and concerns, and then propose the most appropriate treatment plan.

We also explain the treatment process, costs, and risks such as side effects in an easy-to-understand manner. We will do our best to help patients feel completely satisfied with their treatment.

For safe and comfortable treatment.
Talk to your dentist about all your questions and concerns!

In our experience, many people have the following concerns and questions when undergoing treatment and check-ups at the dentist.


・Is the treatment really necessary?
・How much will the treatment cost?
・How long and how many times will the treatment take?
・What are the side effects and risks of the treatment?
・What precautions should I take during treatment?
・How should I take care of myself after treatment?

To address these concerns and deepen your understanding of the treatment, our clinic will listen carefully to your wishes and concerns and then propose the best treatment plan.

A typical consultation at the Ryu Clinic:


Interview and initial Examination (Meeting with diagnostic dentist or dental hygienist)

Before undergoing any dental treatment, you will first have an interview with a dentist or dental hygienist. During the interview, we will confirm your current oral condition and explain the post-treatment care plan. Additionally, the dentist will perform an oral examination to accurately assess the condition of your gums and teeth.


② Listening to the patient’s concerns and questions

Dental treatment includes not only the treatment of cavities and periodontal disease, but also orthodontics, implants, and many other options. Therefore, it is important to tailor the treatment to the needs and desires of each individual patient. We listen carefully to our patients’ concerns and questions and strive to create an environment where they can focus on their treatment with peace of mind.


Explanation of treatment and methods

We formulate an optimal treatment plan tailored to the patient’s condition and explain in detail the specific treatment methods, procedures and effects. We will also carefully explain the progress and prognosis of the treatment, taking into account the patient’s needs and wishes.


④ Confirming the patient’s understanding

We confirm that the patient correctly understands the information regarding treatment and diagnosis. By confirming the patient’s level of understanding of the treatment, we constantly review whether we are providing appropriate information and support, and provide thorough and easy-to-understand counseling.

The dental consultation is based on communication between the patient and the dentist or dental hygienist. The dentist or dental hygienist listens carefully to the patient’s concerns and questions and explains them in an easy-to-understand manner.

For a good Dental Health! Benefits of a Dental Checkup and Consultation!

The benefits of a dental consultation include:


・Address your concerns and questions and deepen your understanding of treatment
・Expand your treatment options
・Improve your understanding of your treatment options
・Learn about self-care to maintain dental health

Talking with your dentist is essential to feeling comfortable with your treatment. If you have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation.

The Toranomon Hills Dental Medical Ryu Clinic offers free consultations for a variety of dental problems.
You can be sure that we will always make suggestions that are appropriate for your situation and that we will always work with you to determine the best treatment plan.
Please do not give up and consult with us first.