What is AsoAligner?

AsoAligner is a clear, mouthpiece orthodontic appliance that does not use brackets or wires.

Traditional orthodontic appliances use brackets and wires to move teeth. However, metal brackets are easily visible and cannot be removed when eating or brushing teeth. This means that the wearer must be aware of his or her surroundings and be careful about oral cleanliness while wearing orthodontic appliances.
The AsoAligner, on the other hand, straightens the teeth through a transparent mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is removable so that you can take it off while eating or brushing your teeth, allowing you to lead a normal life during orthodontic treatment. The transparent nature of the mouthpiece also makes it inconspicuous, making it ideal for people who do not want others to know that they are wearing braces.
The principle of the appliance is to move the teeth by applying the necessary orthodontic force to the required area using the elasticity of the material. Usually, dental impressions are taken every month and a mouthpiece is made for each impression. The orthodontic force can also be controlled with three different thicknesses of mouthpieces (soft 0.5 mm, medium 0.6 mm and hard 0.8 mm), which gives the possibility to reduce pain. (The traditional combination of soft and hard aligner is also available).

Benefits of AsoAligner


Transparent and discreet

AsoAligner is a transparent mouthpiece orthodontic device that allows patients to undergo treatment in discrete manner. Especially in the treatment of anterior teeth, such as front gap and crowding, wearing transparent aligners can minimize changes in the appearance of the teeth during treatment.


Because AsoAligner is removable, the aligners can be removed for eating and brushing. This makes it easier to brush teeth and eat, and keeps the oral environment clean. Although it should be kept to a minimum, the aligner can also be removed in other cases, such as to improve pronunciation or mouth breathing.

No need for brackets or wires

Because AsoAligner does not require brackets or wires, it is said to cause fewer problems such as mouth sores. Also, since there are no brackets or wires, they are less likely to get caught on the tongue or cheeks, which means less discomfort.

Faster treatment time than conventional orthodontic treatment

AsoAligner is said to have a shorter treatment time than conventional orthodontic treatment methods. This is because the amount of tooth movement is simulated by a computer during the manufacturing process of the aligner and the optimal treatment plan is created individually for each patient. In addition, aligners are more flexible than traditional orthodontic appliances, making it easier to move teeth.

Safe and Reliable Made in Japan

AsoAligner is a system made by a major orthodontic laboratory in Japan. This ensures that you receive safe and accurate orthodontic treatment based on Japanese dental standards.
AsoAligner is fabricated by specialized technicians in Japan. The technician follows the dentist’s instructions and accurately fabricates the mouthpiece to fit the patient’s teeth. This allows for precise tooth movement and increases the success rate of orthodontic treatment.

Cautions regarding AsoAligner


Approximate time to wear the aligner is about 20 hours

To maximize the effectiveness of the treatment with AsoAligner, the mouthpiece should be worn for about 20 hours every day during the treatment period.

If you lose or damage your aligner, contact your dentist immediately

If you lose or damage your AsoAligner, contact your dentist immediately. Without the aligner, tooth movement will be interrupted, making it difficult for the treatment to be effective.

Regular visits are required during the treatment period

AsoAligner treatment requires visits to the dentist every two weeks to check the progress of tooth movement. Depending on the progress of tooth movement, the aligner may need to be replaced.

Course of AsoAligner Orthodontic Treatment

AsoAligner orthodontic treatment is an orthodontic procedure in which an orthodontic mouthpiece is worn to move the teeth. It is transparent and inconspicuous and can be removed for eating and brushing teeth.

① Consultation with the dentist

The orthodontist will listen to the patient’s concerns and wishes regarding the alignment of the teeth and explain the AsoAligner orthodontic treatment. We will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment, the cost and the treatment period.

Detailed examination of the oral cavity

X-rays, intra-oral photographs and dental models will be taken and collected to examine in detail the state of your teeth alignment and bite. We will determine the state of your teeth alignment, the state of your gums, and the state of your bite.

Explanation of the examination results and preparation of a treatment plan

Based on the results of the examination, we will create a treatment plan to improve the alignment of your teeth. We will also explain the treatment time and cost.

④ Taking a dental impression and making a model

A dental impression is taken to simulate changes in the alignment of the teeth. A model is also made and a treatment plan is developed.

⑤ Fitting the mouthpiece

A mouthpiece is made from the dental model using a special software. We will explain how to wear the mouthpiece and what precautions to take.

⑥ Periodic check-ups

During the treatment period, you will have periodic checkups once or twice a month. We will check the wear of the mouthpiece and any changes in the alignment of your teeth.


Finishing the treatment

When the teeth alignment has improved according to the treatment plan, the treatment is completed.

AsoAligner has a shorter treatment time than conventional orthodontic treatment methods. However, in order to maximize the effect of the treatment, the aligner should be worn correctly and the clinic should be visited regularly.

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