Technical skills and knowledge for optimal treatment


At Toranomon Hills Ryu Clinic, we are committed to the technical skills of our doctors and are constantly striving to improve them so that our patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
The clinic director is an dental and oral specialist who is board certified in orthodontics, dental implants, and sleep apnea.
The doctors at Ryu Dental Clinic are all experienced dentists and doctors who have studied at university hospitals. In addition, all doctors and assistants regularly attend seminars and training sessions to acquire the latest techniques and knowledge. We use the following techniques to provide the best possible care for our patients.

The Toranomon Hills Ryu Clinic Approach

Precise diagnosis

・Installation of the latest dental CT scanners and microscopes
・Better understanding of the patient’s oral cavity
・Determination of appropriate treatment plan

We have installed the latest dental CT and microscopes for accurate diagnosis. This allows us to better understand the patient’s oral cavity and determine an appropriate treatment plan.


※ Dental CT is a device that can provide three-dimensional images of the inside of teeth and bone conditions. This allows us to accurately assess the progress of tooth decay and periodontal disease, as well as tooth loss and misalignment.

※ Microscopes are devices that allow magnified observation of teeth and periodontal tissues. This allows us to see the progress of tooth decay and the condition of the tooth roots in greater detail.

Treatment with less pain and stress

・Appropriate use of (local) anesthesia
・Patient relaxation
・Introduction of the latest treatment techniques


We strive to provide treatment that minimizes pain and discomfort for our patients. Therefore, we make appropriate use of anesthesia and local anesthesia to ensure that patients can relax during treatment. We also actively introduce the latest treatment technologies, such as laser therapy and implant treatment, to provide less invasive treatments.
※ We also have an anesthesiologist on staff

※ General anesthesia and local anesthesia are important tools for painless treatment. We select the best anesthesia method according to the patient’s condition, symptoms and treatment.

※ Laser therapy is a treatment method that uses heat and vibration to cut and remove teeth and gum tissue. It has the advantages of less pain and less bleeding compared to conventional treatment methods.

※ Implant therapy is a treatment in which an artificial tooth root is implanted to replace a missing tooth. It has the advantage of superior appearance and functionality compared to conventional dentures and bridges.

Preventive treatment

・Regular check-ups and maintenance
・Maintenance of patient’s dental and oral health

We recommend preventive care. Therefore, we help our patients maintain their dental and oral health through regular check-ups and maintenance.
We are committed to the technical skills of our doctors and are constantly striving to improve them so that our patients can feel confident in their treatment.


※ We encourage preventive care. Therefore, we offer regular checkups and maintenance to help patients maintain their dental and oral health.

※ Through regular checkups and maintenance, we strive for early detection and treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease. We also provide guidance on brushing, toothpaste selection and general dental health care.

About the orthodontic treatment we are specialized in

「We support the future dental health of your teeth through the collaboration of general dentistry and orthodontics」


Orthodontic treatment not only straightens the teeth, but also improves the bite, protecting the health of the teeth and jaw. However, many people who undergo orthodontic treatment have other problems in their mouths besides misaligned teeth.

For example:

・If you are at high risk for tooth decay or gum disease, orthodontic appliances may make your tooth decay or gum disease worse.
・If a tooth must be extracted due to a root fracture or tooth decay, prosthetic replacement of the missing portion may be necessary in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Such cases require expertise in both orthodontics and general dentistry. However, most orthodontic clinics do not offer general dentistry services. Therefore, the treatment is done in cooperation with general dentists in other clinics. However, there are many cases where the exchange of information does not work well, leading to delays and problems in treatment.

At our clinic, we have doctors with expertise in both orthodontic treatment and general dentistry. This allows us to provide comprehensive treatment that takes advantage of both orthodontic and general dentistry, giving our patients peace of mind. The technical skills of our doctors allow us to provide the best treatment for each patient’s individual needs.

The Toranomon Hills Dental Medical Ryu Clinic offers free consultations for a variety of dental problems.
You can be sure that we will always make suggestions that are appropriate for your situation and that we will always work with you to determine the best treatment plan.
Please do not give up and consult with us first.