Please consult us about anything concerning your mouth.
Don’t use the excuse, "I am too busy to take care of my bad tooth" or "I could not find my home dentist". Patients have been satisfied with the wide variety and ease of our treatments.

Orthodontics (Invisalign and Aso Aligner)

Here we use mouthpieces such as Invisalign and Aso Aligner to correct teeth misalignment.
My clinic is as same as your country price or more cheap.
More Information about "Invisalign"

Odontology Department

We do general dental treatments.
The treatments for decayed teeth and of periodontitis are done using the latest equipment, such as a laser, and the latest material such as zirconium for crowns artificial teeth, etc.

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

The odontology department does different type of dental surgery, corresponding to various situations in the mouth.
For instance, we take care of dental implants, stomatitis,
temporomandibular arthrosis, sleep apnea, Sjogren syndrome (xerostomia) and wisdom teeth extraction.

Child Dentistry

Our clinic has specialists who are well versed in infant dental treatment.
The entire staff loves to work with children, so please feel free to bring your children.

Dental Laser

Laser treatment has been medically proven to be the form of treatment.
In our office we use three types of dental lasers. Our dentist is authorized by the Medical Science Association for laser treatment.
The laser treatment is virtually painless and danger free.

  1. Er-YAG laser treatment can level teeth and is effective for treating gums.
  2. Nd-YAG laser treatment is effective on teeth and gums. Whitening, etc, can be done.
  3. CO2 laser treatment is effective for treating gums.

Metal Free Treatment

It is a treatment method to pursue beauty as well as health. Metal fillings are not good for the body.
The old colored metal filling is removed and replaced with Artificial enamel (ceramic) covering.
The feature in the ceramic is that the bacteria does not adhere easily.
It can be said that this treatments we use are Bullitt ceramic,
All ceramics, and zirconia.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) Laser

The carbon dioxide gas laser that is the state-of-the-dental equipment.
Because of this laser treatment time is drastically cut. It also decreases the amount of pain and bleeding as well as reducing the anesthesia administered. It is different from an electric scalpel, and even pregnant woman and and people with a pace-maker can easily use this treatment.

When to use this treatment

  • ・Strengthening the prevention infant tooth decay
  • ・Sterilzation in treating root canal
  • ・Easing of pain from hypersensitivity
  • ・Easing of pain when an artificial tooth is installed, stomatitis and angular cheilosis
  • ・Removal, excision, and incision of gums and abscesses
  • ・Removal of melanin pigment (getting black coloring and deposits off of gums)
  • ・Relieving pain such as in the jaw
  • ・Gum's improvement of periodontitis
  • ・Recovery promotion when gums are swollen by pyorrhea alveolaris and gingivisis

Dental Implants

"Implants are to protect the remaining teeth in the toothless part"

The chair breaks when it is missing one leg. Implant treatment is to make the leg of the chair strong.
When teeth are lost, the implant is one of the treatment methods to supplement the lost part. The implant treatment is a method of making a bolt made of titanium to the part where teeth were lost,
and treating only the missing teeth, not to harm other teeth.
It is our role is to prevent even tooth being lost.
There are many types of implants and we choose the one that matches your mouth the best, and the implants used must be of the higtest quality.
This is the main goal of our implant treatment.


"Life might change with good dental treatment"

White teeth are highly valued in Europe and America. White teeth give a clean image and an image of competence. Whitening your teeth will improve your image.
A professional model who had done whitening in the this clinic was able to get an exclusive modeling contract of a well-known company. There are many people coming before their wedding for whitening, too. They say, "I want to have photographs of the most memorable event of my life, and I want to have white teeth, "I am honored to help with such an important thing.
This clinic uses the "ZOOM whitening Advanced Power" which Is known worldwide and has the highest effect.


The correction is done by using an orthodontic appliance, veneer,
and a Aso Aligner that can not be seen.

What is Lamination Veneer?

The color, thickness and size of teeth can be changed by using enamel and ceramics.
The part where teeth are drilled is minimized, the use of lamination veneer is best for both health and ascetics.